Tips & Corrections

Tips & Corrections
At Wing and a Prayer Design we try very hard to produce quality well tested patterns. Occasionally as hard as we try a mistake slips by. After mistakes are found all future printings will be corrected.

Mystical Prism: In the first printing of patterns there was a typo on pg. 13. The patterns with three stars at the bottom of the page have been corrected.New Paragraph

Forest Floor: In monthly block kits for the Fabric 6 - 14" x WOF piece on pg. 13 use the cutting diagram below to insure all cuts from the fabric.

Winter Memories: A few patterns were released with typos on pg. 2.

Sangria: Page 1 Block 1, The wording should read:
Step 5: To the LEFT side of four rectangles add the fabric 9 square.

Gemstone: Page 10 Diamond Template Correction
Note: This only applies to the first printing. All patterns that have updated 6-22-15 printed on the bottom right corner have been corrected.
Gemstone pg 10 correction

Moonlight Sonata: On pg. 10 the hour glass blocks are to be squared to 3 1/2".

Paths of Faith:
On pg. 6 in the Faith section the charcoal fabric should be cut 2" x 5".
On pg. 9 in Step 2 the 62 1/2" lengths are for the sides and the 64 1/2" are for the top & bottom. The numbers are reversed on some patterns.

Contessa: On the back side of the cover picture the king and queen side sections are labeled wrong. The upper right pictures are the Queen Side Sections and the lower right pictures are the King Side Sections. All corrected patterns have stickers and have been relabeled. See corrected illustration below.

During the first printing of the Contessa V-Block paper template, there was a problem in the printing translation and it measured 4 5/8" square instead of the correct 4 1/2" square. The template has been corrected. Please use the template labeled "REVISED 11/26/12". Revised V-Block template (pdf) Do not "use scale to fit" when printing (printing should be at 100%); after printing make sure your template measures 4 1/2" square!
Contessa Correction

Northern Stars:
A clarification on pg.11 under Four-Patch/Geese:
The pattern reads: When assembling the unit make sure that the fabric 9 square points are touching the flying geese points.
The points will not actually touch. There will be some float. We were trying to say that the geese points should align and go in the same direction as the fabric 9 squares.

Cardinal in the Pines:
The diagrams shifted in a printing on pg. 2. In some patterns the text is covered by the fussy cut diagram. Here is the text for the fussy cutting section on pg. 2:
Fussy Cutting - Fussy Cutting simply means a block is cut so that the motif of the fabric is centered in the square. Lay fabric right side down. Using a pencil, mark your designated square size centering the motif. We found 6½” and 4½” square rulers made this job easier. Be careful when cutting not to slice into other motifs you may want to use those later; we recommend using scissors. Below is an example of how to mark the fussy cuts. The Cardinal in the Pines quilt will require 20 - 6½” focal squares. The extra projects in this pattern will use 4½” focal blocks; 5 for the pillow and 7 for the table runner. The greenery only areas will be used in the table runner. Utilize your fabric wisely when cutting if you are planning to make all projects.

Tonga Rhapsody:
1. Page 19 on the instructions for Inner borders tells you to make 2 of each unit but you need to make 4 of each unit.  It should look like this:
Tonga Rhapsody correction
2. On the upper right of page 16, diagrams C & D have a fabric reversal. They should look like this:
3. On page 16, here is a clarification to the Trimming the Blocks diagrams. The wording is the same as in the pattern but we clarified the diagrams.
Tonga Rhapsody correction
Back to Nature & Tonga Nature: Block 7 - If you are having trouble with the triangle geese block. Trim down the HST-D to 1 7/8" instead of 2".
At Home with Nature Book: On page 2 in the cutting chart, Fabric 5 should be Fabric 13.
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